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Certificate-based PIN Authentication is not supported in the Tanjay firmware release.Also know as ‘Better Together’ this approach is only applicable for devices which have a USB Type B connector.Min Validity Period Hours can be any integer value between 8 hours and 4320 hours (180 days).

Standard NTLM simply cannot be used here as there is no way for a user to key-in their full AD credentials in a format.Additionally the focus of this article is primarily on the Lync Phone Edition firmware which runs on the Aries family of devices (Polycom CX500/600/3000, Aastra 6721ip/6725ip, and HP/SNOM 4110ip/420ip) but also references the original Tanjay version (Polycom CX7000, LG-Nortel 8540) on a few occasions.The following list of topics are discussed in this article.PIN Authentication was used) will not be able to successfully authenticate to an Exchange Server.Thus only devices with USB-tethering capabilities (e.g.

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