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The humor parts are hilarious x D Everyone should watch it. Each supporting role just made the whole drama more appealing. I hate pitiful characters, hers is just the right blend! I just really love this drama, one of the best drama this year! Both of them connected well with their acting, they look good together, and you feel their longing for each other. I love so much and enjoyed each episode, anyway the song is good too. An incredible support cast keeps the momentum rolling–never a dull moment. Hightly recommended I really really love this drama!!! Eric took the cake with his silent actings, very rare character in k-drama but he perfectly acted. I think Seo Hyun Jin slightly having crush on him (watched BTS if you don't believe me XD). At first I found the plot kinda funny and not so interesting but after reading the comments, I started to watch and wow.... By the way, I normally trust the rating at but for this one I don't understand why it's only 86/100. its so funny yet sad xd sad yet funny x D but i love the plot. I don't think any one actor or actress stood out from the others because they were all good. The touching of every parts of their body is so natural. From casting, directing and the very charming storyline itself creates a strongly cheerful drama. Thank you I would like to ask for the title of the song in episode 1 when Do Kyung saw Oh Hae Young at the street. Not a second watching this drama did I feel bored, you were able to appeal to the audience with your side character stories (splendid use of detail by the way, everything connected smoothly); hook us in with your story arc from the very beginning; and spectacular work behind each character's development. Tongue everywhere, swapping spit, bitting and eating lips. Like Han Groo from MWD in SDY, Lee Yuri Seo Yeji and Seo Junyoung from SDY in this drama and Yeon Woojin too, he even used his name in MWD x D I bet SHW PD-nim loves Heo Jungmin so much, he has been casted him in all his tv N dramas Im in episode 13 of this drama and this is the first time that i was so affected in a drama.I totally recommend it :) Damn men, this one was mighty fine. Even Eric delivered his lines in a more interesting manner than usual. This will always be one of my best watched kdrama and even if they don't end up together in real life, at least onscreen, I would be excited to see them act together again. And I just love another OHY:) SHJ is a great actress and very refreshing to see in the drama land. As expected, tv N Drama I have so many fav drama from tv N because they are so good. I just wanted to hug oh hae young on episode 4, when she's walking and her umbrella was broken and there goes someone who has a red umbrella, who's beautiful from the back, and when she finally see who she is, I wanted to give hae young a hug. I am glad Singapore Star Hub is showing this and this weekend just ended with the final episode. I'd really like to purchase this one, so I'll keep looking to buy it. I really did like Eric but who wouldn't want to just hold him. I'm quite the stoic person but I often found myself tearing up thinking about Oh Hae Young's circumstances and empathizing for her. A very kudos to this writer, Park Hae Young and Also the Director Song Hyun-wook for the very beautiful, entertaining and heart warming drama both of you have made. Eric did several times touch her boobs accidentally and Seo Hyun Jin always widely open her mouth to response his kisses even bit his lips several times. the car chase may have been unnecessary but maybe because the exboyfriend felt so envious with dokkyung that he wanted to kill him but the better of him got to him. I cried a lot in episode 8 i fell in love in episode 9 and 10 and now my heart breaks in episode 11-13.For his part, Park Do-Kyung soon has visions of a woman he has never met. The connections of each character to one another, their entangled fate, the comedy, the struggles of each characters and the every twist and turn of this drama made it a success. ) when it kept getting messier, and he still hadn´t come clean, I had to quit (I liked him, but what he had done was despicable! Especially for Eric since we all know now he's attached. Eric is obviously having hard time to keep his relationship. This kinda scenes were the reason Brad Pitt and Jennnifer divorced. New life Oh Hae Young and Park Do-kyung after marriage and to include a life support stories Park Soo Kyung and Lee Jin Sang Park Hoon and Anna.He soon realizes the woman is another Oh Hae-Young. I think Erick Mun did a wonderful job at potraying his character. They shouldn't contact each other after this drama finished otherwise, Eric could not safe his relationship. I want the male main character is replaced by Gang Dong Won, Jo Jung Seok or Jaejoong (JYJ) I hate to Eric Nam because he already had a girlfriend in the real world, huhu :'( I hope to see the second season next year or someday. I was shipping him with Seo Hyun Jin and disappointed after reading his dating news at first but his girl friend (nahyemi? Imagine how beautiful thir children will be with those beautiful parents genes. At first I keep postponing to watch this drama but I got nothing to watch, so I just watch it.She works as an assistant manager for a company's restaurant division. Meanwhile, Park Do-Kyung (Eric) is a popular sound engineer. Because of you, Oh Hae-Young no.2 was a lively, a bit confused but charming girl-next-door type.

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Vātsyāyana (author of The Kama Sutra) would be proud : P Normal OHY was so annoying. Soo Kyung, Ji sang and Park Hoon were the only reason why I continued to watch this show. i know, she just wanted love but she was so pathetic.

I watched it and I didn't regreat, the drama just let me almost cry and smile at almost every episode x D really emotional and funny...really recommend it!! Its not the cliche-like drama bcoz it the viewers can actually feels the emotions and the love. Thank you to All who made this drama amazing as it is! But, focusing on the drama itself, all the actors did a great job portraying their respective roles and most especially the main lead couple. Eric Mun is outstanding with his lost boy heart and soul. Writing is not the best,but everything are perfect. There is great beauty in the developing of a new love and great hope that springs from that. Honestly, I feel bad for Han Tae Jin, but maybe God didnt put him in her path. I thought master's sun is my favorite, I guess not. It's like witnessing private moments of two person in love. *-* Eric and Seo Hyun Jin has the best chemistry of rom-com couple. I cried a lot watched how much just Oh Hae Young's parents love her, especially her mother. Just hope this drama give another viewer the impression like for me. ....say that what a fantastically fresh drama it is!! I am actually watching it again while waiting for the end. just 2 episode left T_T I don't want this drama end. I really love the way Kim Mikyung loves her daughter. She always looks tough in the outside, but really tender and soft in the heart.

And the supporting characters' love life are also interesting. If one of them didn't give their all out acting in this drama, they wouldn't become too convincing as actors portraying as couples. a lot of fun, a complete packed drama : fun, romantic, sweet, and thrill. S : I actually think this drama is standard drama, but I really happy that it more than my expectation! Seo Hyun Jin brings Oh Hae Young to life with such fun, yet gut-wrenching qualities, you feel her character might just knock on your door. This drama is so touching and I cry and laugh with every episode of this drama. Acting, directing, cinematography, OSTs, chemistry all best. at first, i knew this drama because it's became a hot topic in some websites and it has so many hot kiss scenes *lol i think twice before watch this drama because i didnt find it as interesting as people says so yeah but crap i watch episode 1-5 in on 24 hours x D i need to wait one day for copy it again from my friends because i finally found this drama is so interesting. So it gives us, the viewers, hope for our lives in these lonely times. The first time watching a female lead hungry for having sex with the male lead. Seo Hyun Jin like ready to eat back Eric's lips everytime they kiss lol. Eric Moon and Seo Hye Jin chemistry was just amazing. Been searching for the title but no idea until now. The creators, directors, writers, producers and actors/actresses of this show, I thank you very much for your efforts in this drama. I think both actors already touch every private area of their body, from lips, tits, dick, hands, neck and so on. The way they response to each other kiss are so natural. make me remember my parents, how much they love even their nagging out of control sometime. Director-nim, Writer-nim love you so much Everything about this drama is perfect! .....kudos to its writers....although in begining i was reluctant to watch it, as the title was not very intriguing and i was not familiar with cast but......wholaaaaaaa!! .....plot,the actors,....whole treatment to the drama is so good......n now it is about to end....i m certainly going to miss it!! I'll miss all the casts, especially soo kyung and jin sang. I'm crying like crazy when she cried regretting her act to Seo Hyun Jin after the truth revealed. I love all Song Hyun-wook PD's tv N dramas x D I love how he used some actors/actress from his previous dramas to be cameos in the recent ones.

Started to watch this by accident because no good movie available in ANA flight. During the drama, we saw several times the accidentally moments where both actors touched intimate areas of their body.

Turns out it was the best 3 hours (3 episodes) in the boring flight although no English subtitles. So, I give applause this two actor for their efforts to create such a wonderful chemistry.

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