Consolidating my superannuation

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This can be a good way of combining super at the same time as submitting forms to join the fund.Before making a decision to combine your superannuation, you should consider any penalties such as exit fees, change to insurance cover or loss of benefits that may apply and, if necessary, consult a qualified financial adviser.Once you provide all of the information required to process your rollover, your other fund must process your transfer within 3 days of the date they receive the request.We will notify you by mail once your funds have been received.

The my Gov website will allow you to link all of your government interactions in one place.Yes but you will need to follow the guidelines set out by the ATO on winding up an SMSF.Grant Thornton uses cookies to monitor the performance of this website and improve user experience.If you are happy to accept cookies from this site, please check the box.To find out more about cookies, what they are and how we use them, please see our privacy notice, which also provides information on how to delete cookies from your hard drive.

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