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When Singh claims in the film that a “decent” girl wouldn’t be out at nine o’clock at night, it brings to mind the Grand Mufti of Australia, who, in 2006, compared women to a plate of uncovered meat.If they would only stay indoors, he argued, nothing bad would happen to them.Rapists have always tried to come up with “excuses” for their crimes, just as Singh does in .It’s sickening to listen to, but a salutary reminder that a punitive focus on the behaviour of victims is at the core of rape culture.The documentary explains why the figure is so high: the quiet dignity of the victim’s parents contrasts with the chilly detachment of Mukesh Singh, who drove the bus and shows not a shred of remorse for the sexual torture and murder of their daughter.The Minister for Parliamentary Affairs believes that the film is an “international conspiracy to defame India”, but what it really does is expose the profoundly misogynist culture that creates men such as Singh.For example, with more fraudulent works on the market than ever before, the need for specialized inspection, technical and analytical services has never been greater.In addition, the globalization of the art market means greater mobility of artworks as they are displayed at fairs and exhibitions around the world.

Ministers can’t stop Leslee Udwin’s film being shown elsewhere – you might have seen it on BBC Four last week - but they would like it to be consigned to oblivion. The rape of the 23-year-old student took place just before Christmas 2012, bringing thousands of people on to the streets to demand greater protection for women.

Second, bring up every boy to understand that the responsibility for not committing rape lies squarely with him.

Today, the art market contends with increasingly complex issues.

They were right: the authorities repeatedly failed to recognise that they were dealing with serial rape, falling back on the ludicrous notion that girls of 12 or 13 were making “lifestyle choices” when they had sex with men twice their age.

Almost exactly the same thing happened in Rotherham, where at least 1,400 girls were abused. The footballer has been convicted of rape by a jury and hasn’t even finished serving his sentence.

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