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Ensure you send a certified or true copy to MMSB for input into your OMPF.Fitness Reports Though there are many ways to check this for both the old and new reports.There are no more PSB's, at least there shouldnt be. Go to your S1 with the supporting documents (if you dont have them, then youll have to wait until you do)..update your ERB, whatever they cannot update they will send up to higher ups to get updated (in Huachuca it would be Records at Whitside Hall) I'm still at Walter Reed and will more then likely end up being here a whole lot longer. So I suppose I will have to wait till I am able to get my things out of storage? "In the past, award citations or certificates received directly from the member for the OMPF were not accepted, since they were required to be mailed from the command authorized to enter the award into NDAWS," said Jim Giger, head of Records Management Policy Branch (PERS-313), Navy Personnel Command (NPC)."Sailors will now be able to send in copies of their own award citations or certificates for their OMPF if the award is accurately reflected in NDAWS." Before a Sailor requests a missing award citation or certificate be added to their OMPF, they should verify the award is recorded in NDAWS by visiting the U. Navy Awards website at https://mil and launching the "Personal Awards Query." If a Sailor's award is recorded in NDAWS, but missing in their OMPF, they should mail a legible, clean copy of the signed award citation, or certificate in the case of Navy and Marine Corps Commendation and Achievement Medals, with the service member's full social security number printed in the upper right hand corner, to PERS-313 at: Navy Personnel Command PERS-313 5720 Integrity Drive Millington, TN 38055-3130 According to Giger, if a Sailor's award is not reflected in the NDAWS database, the citation will not be accepted by NPC for entry into the service member's OMPF.So I finally made my E-4 after I hit my 2 year Army birthday! ) But I started looking through my ERB and OMPF and nothing has been updated since 2006. How am I suppose to get my ERB and OMPF if my I love me book is packed away in storage?

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Originally posted by 25F3S: I would go to PSB, being that S-1 can only do certain sections, and take all paperwork need to back everything you say up.

Your Fiber Optics class would have given you an (ASI) (Additional Skill Identifier) of 1I, not an (SQI) Special Qualifications Identifier.

SQI's are like things like P for Parachutist or G for Ranger.

(NNS) -- Changes to how the Navy processes awards makes it easier for Sailors to confirm their personal decorations and medals are reflected in their Official Military Personnel File (OMPF), officials said Jan. NAVADMIN 016/13 outlines the steps Sailors should take to verify their awards are accurately reflected in the Navy Department Awards Web Service (NDAWS) and their OMPF.

All personal awards, Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal and higher, should be showing in a service member's record.

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