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I loved the give and take between them, and seeing Elise try to resist him.

I liked the fact that she actually succeeded for longer than Dax expected.

Leo showed a lot of class in not saying "I told you so" to Dax.

And I loved the way that Danni and Juliet showed up to give Elise moral support when she was so unhappy.

It's downright unprofessional to get involved with a client, only she craves Dax and he seems to share the attraction.It turns out that each have some serious self-esteem and trust issues.Elise has never really gotten over her body issues from when she was heavy, and doesn't trust that anyone can see the person she really is under the figure she works so hard to maintain.Dax worries that he's like his mother, who deserted him when he was young, and is afraid to trust that he has anything substantial to offer a woman.Just as he's beginning to believe that he and Elise could have something together he learns of her lie about who he was matched with, destroying the fragile trust he had started to feel.

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