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These cells are referred to as the blood brain barrier.The reason these drugs induce sleepiness is that they are able to cross the blood brain barrier.Check that the generic name and strength is the same as the medicine doctor recommended or prescribed.

They are also called "rescue" medications and in general provide only temporary relief.Drowsiness and reduced mental alertness are particularly common (seen in up to 50% of those taking the medications).Cells that line the blood vessels in the brain regulate which chemicals can enter the brain.At this stage, anti-inflammatory medications are required, usually in the form of intra- nasal steroid sprays (sprayed into the nose).The combination of an antihistamine (with or without a decongestant) and a topical nasal steroid spray will usually afford good relief with minimal side effects. For example, leukotriene receptor antagonists, cromolyns and anticholinergic agents are all types of medications used to treat nasal allergies.

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